Alicia’s Lonely Planet Challenge: Pre-first-trip-post

It’s a beautiful day today, at least that’s what it looks like for now, let’s hope it stays that way. This blog is kind of last minute because I’ve decided to make my first trip for my Lonely Planet Challenge today. 

I’m going to start off by noting two rules of the game (along the way I may end up making up some more rules, this is my first trip and my first challenge, I have but yet to learn).

1. Take lots of photos.

2. Buy a souvenir from each place I go (preferably a fridge magnet), with every place I mean each town/city and souvenirs from museums etc. are optional, but fun and mainly depending on the contents of my wallet.

Anyway as it is my last day that I have free travel it was pretty much a spontaneous decision to make my first trip today. This decision was actually made a couple of days ago but a combination of being addicted to Skyrim, working my bottom off at Safaripark the Beekse Bergen and probably also a little bit of laziness means I’m writing this blog just before I leave… Sorry folks, next time I will try and be more prompt.

So you’re probably wondering where I will be going today…

Surprise surprise, the first location in the book….. AMSTERDAM!

Ok now Amsterdam is big and Amsterdam is brilliant, I have an undying love for Amsterdam. Whenever I’m there, as yes of course I have been there before, I encounter new places and things. Obviously I’ve not done everything there is to do in Amsterdam before. There are loads of museums and other attractions and I am not going to manage to do everything in Amsterdam in one trip. So my first few trips will probably all be Amsterdam. But no worries Amsterdam is nowhere near boring and I hope that my writing about Amsterdam will not be boring either.

Let’s see what have I already done in Amsterdam? Anne Frank House, Madame Tussaudes, Nemo Science Museum… Maybe a couple of other things that have slipped my memory. Anyway I may be visiting some of these places again, the ones that are in the Lonely Planet anyway. Madame Tussaudes thankfully, is not. I seem to have a memory of it being terrible and would not want to have to go again just to write about how horrible it is.

It is time for today’s itinerary. It’s possible that the itinerary will change depending on how much I can fit into a day. If I end up not visiting a place, an explanation will be given.

Itinerary – 16th of June 2012 – Amsterdam Day 1

Today we’re going to start off in the city centre (well I am, but you who will be following my adventures too) the first tourist hot spot is the Dam. I have been there before but it’s never the same and there’s always something to see. Also home to the Nationaal Monument (National Monument) which commemerates those who died in WWII.

On the Dam is the Koninklijk Paleis which will be the first museum I will visit. Koninklijk Paleis is Dutch (Oh really!?) for Royal Palace. It’s actually the official residence of Queen Beatrix, which is kind of strange as she doesn’t actually live there, she lives in Den Haag. I wonder where her post goes? It was built as a city hall and later became Napoleon’s brother’s (Louis) palace. Apparently it was renovated in 2009.

Behind the palace is the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) which I will make a short visit to as I can’t imagine spending hours on end in a church.

Next up I will take a quick look at the Spui, which is a square ringed by pubs and book shops. Being a bookworm this is an absolute must! On Fridays there’s a book market, so I’m going to have to remember next time I’m in Amsterdam and it’s Friday to visit again.

Behind the Spui is the Begijnhof, a 14th century convent. I love these hof thingies, they’re so beautiful, so this is also a must! It also features two churches which I will take a quick peek in.

Amsterdams Historisch Museum will be next, this will also include the Civic Guard Gallery which is home to Rembrandt’s famous painting: Nightwatch. 

As I don’t want to rush through things that will be all for now. If I have time left I will add some extras to my itinerary and post them in the post-first-trip-post (which will not actually be called that).

Now for my checklist: 

Lonely Planet CHECK

Museumcard CHECK


Phone with amazing camera CHECK

Book to read in train CHECK

Sun CHECK (for now)

Let’s go!

UPDATE: I made a mistake, Firday was my last day of free travel, but I’m going to go anyway. At least I still get a 40% discount! :)

Please leave a comment. Feedback is always welcome :).

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