Procrastination Power #1

Oldham street sweepers

It’s been a while.

Maybe a while is quite an understatement.

There is an explanation. I have been putting my  energy almost 100% towards uni. Which is actually very rewarding.

I’ve been planning to get back to this for a long while. Thinking about possible new concepts and getting back on track with the old ones.

As I don’t really have much time, at least not for writing my usual epistle like posts, I’ve come up with a concept that might well fit in with my life at the moment: As much as I have managed to get myself to focus, there is still that part of me that has the urge to procrastinate for a while, at least once a day. Procrastination for me usually ends up being reading interesting articles on the internet, looking at interesting pictures/art on the internet, watching interesting video’s on the internet etc. Sound familiar? Probably!

Basically, my new concept, which is not particularly original, is stuff I found while procrastinating.

Now… Usually, I would share the stuff I found on Facebook. BUT!!! I have made a decision: I am no longer going to be posting on Facebook. At least not directly.

This new concept is the solution to the following problem: But what about the stuff you find so interesting you want to share it with all your Facebook friends!!?? Or the WHOLE WORLD if you could!!!??

The only thing that will be appearing on my Facebook page from now on, will be my blog posts, in which I will collectively post the stuff I found interesting. Or maybe I’ll post ten times a day, Muhahahaha!

So… For today’s episode. My procrastination got a bit out of hand today. I spent a long time nerding (help me turn this into a verb please!) Nerding to me is basically spending a lot of time reading about books and films that I still have to read or watch, instead of reading books or watching films.

After the time spent nerding, I did FOUR! things that I now want to share with the world:


  1. I started watching Michael Pollan’s documentary ‘In Defense of Food’.

    Michael Pollan is an author/journalist who has written several books on food, and a few other books, one on Mary Jane and one on Gardening (I believe).

    I’ve read two of his books on food which were both, in my opinion, highly interesting. The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Food Rules, I’m not going to go into those now though as I could spend a whole blog post on them, which is not the point.

    His books about food make lots of connections with health and nutrition. He’s a supporter of local and biological food, and one of his tips for eating well is: “Don’t eat what your Grandma, or great-Grandma, wouldn’t recognise.” That’s just to give you an idea of his ideas without going into too much detail.

    Anyway one of his books, which I haven’t read yet, is called In Defence of Food, and has recently been made into a documentary which he presents.

    So I started watching that, then realised I had been planning to read for the past five hours and still hadn’t picked up my book, so hit the pause button to finish later.

    BUT it is REALLY interesting! So I recommend, if you have two hours left over, go watch it, it’s available for free until the 28th of January here.meteoriteaustralia1

  2. Soooooo… I hit the pause button…. and somehow ended up scanning Facebook (which I basically use as a kind of newsfeed, just with stuff I actually find interesting). Procrastinating… Still.

    But there was this article that just kept saying READ ME!

    It’s an article about a meteor that’s been discovered in the Australian desert which is older than the earth is!!! Now usually I’m not really such a science geek, most of science I find too hard to understand… But the idea of something being older than the earth. How could you not be fascinated by that? Anyway you read the article for yourself, it’s worth it, plus the guys who found it have such happy faces!

  3. Number three is for the comic relief. It’s a video brought to us by TED, a guy called James Veitch talks about the three years he spent replying to scam e-mails. It is absolutely hilarious and I found myself laughing out loud. Really loud! Have fun!Tennant.jpg
  4. And last but not least, and for some more laughs…. I bring you… David Tennant (whom you may know as the Doctor or from Broadchurch, or both) on a BBC programme called Room 101 talking about his crapacious South African accent. As an English student, although I’m not very good at linguistics, it is really interesting. One of my favourite things about linguistics is accents, so this is on that level also quite interesting, though brief.

Well I hope you enjoyed all these tidbits as much as I did, now I’m going to get back to not procrastinating, which this blog post is not, and reading my book The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Juno Díaz, which is actually really good!!!

P.S. One more really cool thing, is the painting at the top of this post. It’s some street sweepers in Oldham in Victorian times (Oldham is where I was born). I think the painting is so beautiful, I found it because an uncle of my Mum’s had posted it. It’s done by an artist called John Houghton Hague (1842-1934).


The BBC’s YouTube Channel

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